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About Us

About Us

We provide individualized midwifery care for low-risk pregnancies and births in the San Antonio area. Welcoming babies in the comfort of their family home or (coming soon) in a beautiful birth center in the heart of the Medical Center District. 



All pregnancies are different; care with San Antonio Birth Services is customized to your individual needs.
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Prenatal Care

Visits are one to two hours long to allow you and your loved ones time to get all of your questions answered.  Care is individualized to your needs; family-centered, private, social-group options, or any combination.   Midwifery care includes monitoring baby and mother with fetal heart tones, growth measurements, blood pressure checks, and lab work.  Referrals for ultrasounds available.

Support in Labor

Support in labor includes careful monitoring of fetal heart tones and maternal vitals, as well as physical and emotional support.  Midwives provide care for healthy, low-risk mothers and babies.  Should an issue arise that is outside of "normal," midwives work with the client to correct the issue.  Approximately 12% of our clients will need to complete their birth journey in the hospital.  Whenever possible a midwife will accompany them for added support.


A team of skilled midwives and assistants are present at every birth.  Mother and baby are carefully monitored and issues are managed as they arise.  The midwives of San Antonio Birth Services have standing orders to carry necessary medications to help manage issues that may occur in the immediate postpartum and have well established relationships with local OBGYNs and three area hospitals, should more advanced care be indicated.

Newborn Care

Midwives provide a full evaluation of the newborn at birth and are able to offer Erythromycin and vitamin K, if desired.  Newborns are seen again at 24-48 hours old and are given the recommended CCHD (congenital heart disease screening) and Newborn metabolic panel, in addition to jaundice and weight checks and a full assessment. A second visit between 10-14 days offers a repeat metabolic panel and a hearing screen, as well as a full well baby check up. Certified professional midwives can provide care for the well newborn up to 6 weeks of age.


Contact Us

San Antonio Birth Services

7215 W. Beverley Mae, San Antonio, Tx 78229


Hey, congratulations!  What an exciting time!

You’re likely full of anticipation and probably some questions; so many questions. And maybe some concerns and fears.

 That’s all very normal.  After all, this is a big thing you’re doing and an even bigger thing you are about to do.  Where do you even begin?


Well, like the song says, start at the very beginning. Step one: find a provider who takes time to answer your questions. But more importantly, who gives you information and supports you in making the choices that are the best for you and your baby. Because it isn't informed choice if you aren’t given information AND choices. 


Our team is committed to being partners in YOUR pregnancy and birth experience. We schedule long visits to get to know you and your partner (because they matter too), and to fully answer your questions and learn about your goals and desires for your birth. 


Contact us to schedule an hour long consultation to find out if we are the right fit for you and the pregnancy/birth experience you desire.

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